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Dr.Apparajoo Rathinam LMS, OBE - a dedication

Born on Nov 3rd 1897 Tranquebar, Tharagambadi a town in Thajavur district, Tamil Nadu to Thiru Ayyavu Rathinam , a postmaster in Tranquebar. He studied in Tranquebar till 8th class and went on to Singapore for higher studies. He  obtained a scholarship to complete his studies in Malay and attained Licentiate in Medicine and Surgery LMS degree from King Edward VII college of Medicine in the year 1923.He obtained this scholarship from the government since he consistently did very well in his school. He later joined Singapore General Hospital. He came to India in 1928 and married Thirum. Saraswathy in March 26 ,1928. In 1936 he was transferred to Penang Hospital as Assistant Surgeon. After  the British personnel were evacuated from the island, he took over as the head of the surgical unit till 1945.After the war he was promoted to Surgeon, Malayan Medical Service. At this time when the war broke out, he sensed it was not safe for his family, so he sent them back to India via the sea and he stayed back to carry on with his duties. His wife and children reached Nagapattinam on May 3rd 1941.During the war, the family did not hear from Dr.Apparajoo. They did not know whether he was dead or alive. Once the war was over, they heard their Father's voice via an announcement and he contacted via a telegram intimating that he was alive. When the war was over he took leave and came to Calcutta via a submarine and travelled to Thanjavur to see his family for the first time in 4 years. His daughters still remember the sight of him standing with arms wide open.He went back to Penang and worked in the hospital. He helped many people and saved many lives during the war. He was awarded OBE medal (Order of the British Empire) from the British government after the World War II for his service in saving countless lives of civilians and injured victims on 19 July 1949.He took voluntary retirement in July 1949 to come back to Thanjavur,  to his family. "He was a great person, a caring, loving Father and a great Surgeon. He was humble, simple , kind and a disciplined person. He was generally helpful to anyone in need, especially poor people.He started a trust for Indian children in Singapore for a girl and a boy to get scholarship in High school in the Singapore Education department in the name of Raju Pillay.He loved gardening, music and playing Tennis.After his retirement, he became the Honorary Magistrate in Thanjavur .He also worked hard to develop schools and supported them with resources and time. He loved to spend his time amidst his grandchildren during his retired life. " - His daughter's account of her father ,Dr.Apparajoo.

The Penang Free School to this day provides scholarships to young children in the name of Dr.Apparajoo Scholarship honoring his service.

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Dr Apparajoo LMS OBE receiving the OBE medal Order of the British Empire

Dr Apparajoo LMS OBE receiving the OBE medal Order of the British Empire

As a great grandson to a "Great "grandfather

Frankly speaking I've learnt a lot more about my great grandfather Dr.Apparajoo LMS, OBE these past few days than the rest of my life.To see the recognition he gained, after seeing the pictures shared by Madam Umaiyal and the recitals by his daughters, grand daughters and great granddaughters, I am shellshocked that such a figure existed and I am even baffled if his achievements are not being showcased here in Chennai in a museum of the state. He is no less than a "Hero" .Not just for us but for every Indian who takes pride in his forefathers achievements.

In that spirit I dedicate this page to his name for all the world to see and marvel at the great man's achievement. I do derive pride that he was my great grandfather, but I would be sad if his achievements are going forgotten. Shame on me , that till this day I dint know all the comprehensive distinguishments and  achievements of  such a  gem of a man who I am proud to call my great grandfather.

Whereas in Penang, there is an ongoing "Dr.Apparajoo Memorial Scholarship in Malaysia" in his memory continuing till date, we currently do not have such an instrument of service to the society in his memory in India , his homeland. It is time for the family and friends of Dr.Apparajoo to come together and continue his true legacy to inspire and serve the coming generations. Not just to perpetuate his name, but to create more Dr.Apparajoos in the future.

On the 125th birth anniversary of this great human being ,Dr Leander launched "The Dr.Apparajoo LMS OBE Scholarship Program in India" on 18 October 2022 in Chennai to continue his real legacy in his homeland. The scholarship Program will help students from poor background who excel in studies and have a heart to grow up and do good for the society.

- Dr.Prashant Madanmohan MD,DNB Orthopaedic Surgeon

18 Oct 2022 - As part of the program 50 Orthopaedic Postgraduates were given scholarships to attend the OSCE MIRCL RECALL Course to help them clear their Final exams and get the license to serve the masses as Orthopaedic surgeons in India. - Dedication to Dr.Apparajoo video in the course Dr.Apparajoo scholarship for Orthopaedic PGs by Dr.Leander 2022
About the great man of honor Dr.Apparajoo -

List of Donors to Dr.Apparajoo Memorial Fund

1. Dr.Prashant Madanmohan MD,DNB Orthopaedics - Rs.50,000

2. Thirumathi. Rajalakshmi Sethuratnam - Rs 20,000

Purpose of the Dr.Apparajoo Memorial Fund

To create a corpus to perpetually help in providing monetary aid and support to financially challenged but truly deserving hard working excellent Indian students who have a yearning to grow into a medium of service to the society.

Those who wish to be Donors can contact Mrs.Manohari Madan, Treasurer or Dr.Prashant Madanmohan


- Dr.Prashant Madanmohan MD,DNB Orthopaedic Surgeon

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Web references to Tanjore Thatha compiled by his grandson


Dr. Apparajoo Memorial Scholarship
The Penang Hindu Sabah has endowed a scholarship of $3,0uo collected from its own member as well as from the Indian community In general and from some well-wisners of Dr. R. Apparajoo, O.B.E.. to perpetuate his name in the Penang Free School.
This scholarship is from the Indian community in recognition of Dr. Apparajoo s professional and community service before the war, during the period of the Japanese occupation, and subsequently.
The Scholarship Is to be for boys of Indian parentage to both sides, attending the Penang Free School and will be awarded annually to tne most proficient and deserving poor boy on the result of the Standard VIII Examination.

(Article source - The New Straits Times 19th February, 1992) is what I found about our Thanjavur Thatha on the web: (Mar 28, 2011)​ ( stale link?)
Thatha's picture is there. Here his return to Penang General Hospital in 1948 after a 6 month
leave is announced.

Announcement of Dr.Apparajoo scholarships​ (stale link? )
See under Raffles Institution on the left-middle. Thatha is one of the two awarded a scholarship
in 1917. last para in the article. In this issue of British Medical Journal (1933) a senior surgeon has
acknowledged Thatha's work as a house surgeon

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Thirumathi.Rajalakshmi Sethuratnam

His daughter's word about him

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Recital by great great grandson Aryuts Prashant

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Thirumathi.Manohari Madan

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