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life formula program

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Dr.Leander Institute for Extraordinary Life

Make the DIEL today.

Embrace yourself, Love yourself, rediscover your life journey.

Nothing can tie you down.

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Leandervana Life Formula Program - Change your Life - Dr.Leander
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Do You Want To...

  • Rid yourself of procrastination?

  • Be more confident, well-networked?

  • Be a leader, a go getter?

  • Improve your social skills?

  • Be an effective communicator, an influencer?

  • Be more motivated and energetic?

  • Jump out of negativity?

  • Switch over to a healthier lifestyle?

  • Grow rich?

  • Ignite your passion drive?

  • This course is for you & it can indeed change your life!

  • Content in the form of Audio and video sessions.

  • Scientifically designed to incorporate real change in your life.

  • Life mentor - Dr.Leander shares his life experiences and techniques like impromptu simulation, reverse psychology and ego risk.

  • About Dr.Leander - Click

  • What can you expect at the end of the course?

  • Join the Dr.Leander life formula program now! A one-for-all 1 Hour program to improve your overall health, wealth, well-being and bring out the best in you!

  • Life changing Breakthroughs

  • This is not only a course, but it entitles every graduate of the course to apply for membership of the Inspire Club, where as a community the graduates will carry forward and grow the outreach.

  • How will you be able to access the course?

  • An account will be created for you, where you will be able to access the content

  • After graduation from the course, You will be added to Inspire Club where you will have continued interaction with the mentor and community.w w

  • When will you receive the access to course after payment?

  • An email with access details will be mailed to your email id within 24 hours

  • Contact-

  • Whatsapp only - 9443081159

  • I will only be able to respond to you by whatsapp

  • Is this a paid course?

  • This is a paid course, Recharge your life at just Rs 995

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