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The Dr.Apparajoo LMS OBE Scholarship


Whereas in Penang, there is an ongoing "Dr.Apparajoo Memorial Scholarship in Malaysia" in his memory continuing till date, we currently do not have such an instrument of service to the society in his memory in India , his homeland. It is time for the family and friends of Dr.Apparajoo to come together and continue his true legacy to inspire and serve the coming generations. Not just to perpetuate his name, but to create more Dr.Apparajoos in the future. On the 125th birth anniversary of this great human being ,Dr Leander launched "The Dr.Apparajoo LMS OBE Scholarship Program in India" on 18 October 2022 in Chennai to continue his real legacy in his homeland. The scholarship Program will help students from poor background who excel in studies and have a heart to grow up and do good for the society.

- Dr.Prashant Madanmohan MD,DNB Orthopaedic Surgeon

18 Oct 2022 - As part of the program 50 Orthopaedic Postgraduates were given scholarships to attend the OSCE MIRCL RECALL Course to help them clear their Final exams and get the license to serve the masses as Orthopaedic surgeons in India. - Dedication to Dr.Apparajoo video in the course

List of Donors to Dr.Apparajoo Memorial Fund

1. Dr.Prashant Madanmohan MD,DNB Orthopaedics - Rs.50,000

2. Thirumathi. Rajalakshmi Sethuratnam - Rs 20,000

Purpose of the Dr.Apparajoo Memorial Fund

To create a corpus to perpetually help in providing monetary aid and support to financially challenged but truly deserving hard working excellent Indian students who have a yearning to grow into a medium of service to the society.

Those who wish to be Donors can contact Mrs.Manohari Madan, Treasurer or Dr.Prashant Madanmohan

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