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Dr.Leander Institute for Extraordinary Life

Make the DIEL today.

Embrace yourself, Love yourself, rediscover your life journey.

Nothing can tie you down.

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your impossible reality 1.png
Change Your Life - Your Impossible Reality - Audio Visual Life Course

  • Do you feel lacking in motivation, direction?

  • Do you feel tired and lacking in energy?

  • Do you feel you could use a boost of energy and upward thrust ?

  • Something that can change your life?

  • Experience Leandervana

  • What can you expect at the end of the course?

  • You will experience what is called "Leandervana"

  • A sense of clarity and vision

  • Confidence

  • Life changing Breakthroughs

  • A programmed mind ready to face the future

  • Tools to create your own reality

  • Life will never be the same again

  • This is not only a course, but it entitles every graduate of the course to apply for membership of the Inspire Club, where as a community the graduates will carry forward and grow the outreach.

  • This course is for you & it can indeed change your life!

  • Content in the form of Audio and video sessions.

  • Scientifically designed to incorporate real change in your life.

  • Life mentor - Dr.Leander shares his life experiences and techniques like impromptu simulation, reverse psychology and ego risk.

  • About Dr.Leander - Click

  • How will you be able to access the course?

  • An account will be created for you, where you will be able to access the content in a scheduled manner one by one in stages.

  • You will be able to access the course for a period of 3 months after purchase

  • After graduation from the course, You will be added to Inspire Club where you will have continued interaction with the mentor and community.w w

  • When will you receive the access to course after payment?

  • An email with access details will be mailed to your email id within 24 hours

  • Contact- leanderprashant@gmail.com

  • Whatsapp only - 9443081159

  • I will only be able to respond to you by whatsapp

  • What is expected from you?

  • You have to be open to new ideas

  • Have trust in the mentor

  • Be ready to unlearn

  • Be ready to change

  • Being open minded is a blessing

  • Is this a paid course?

  • This is a paid course, on a standard token of Rs 995.

  • When will the first Session be held?

  • New batch starts on 28 November Sunday

  • Programme schedule and updates will be updated in your account at end of every session.

  • You will be able to attend the session at your convenient time.

  • Medium of instruction - English